Thursday, June 5, 2008

AIPP Australian Photographic Print Awards 2008

Well, APPA is done for another year and this year was one of my least successful having only two silver with distinction awards....Don't get me wrong I am VERY happy with the scores I received. I cannot complain after all the stuff that has happened in my life this year, culminating in my having my appendix out last week. I am really over the moon for my dear friend Mercury from Melbourne success who enbded up taking out Australian Portrait Photographer of the Year as well as the big prize of Australian Professional Photographer of the Year. He deserves it and the images he entered are amazing!!! Hopefully, next year it'll be me...The image here is one of the shots I entered which had much great debate. Thanks to David Oliver who loved the shot and managed to convince the other judges of its merit!

Still recovering today and hopefully back at work next week....see you all then!