Thursday, May 15, 2008

OK! just a couple more

Its late and its time for bed but couldnt resist a few more...Harry with mum and dad and little lilian!

What a great life I have!

busy busy busy!!!

You know sometimes you aren't that busy and you can afford to meet up with friends for lunch or a cuppa during the week and it feels such luck for me at the flat chat with many many portraits over the last couple of weeks...Its great! I'm not complaining I LOVE it!

You get to meet some new friends and some old ones with new is a couple of pics from the very lovely Rachel and Lindsay who now have 2 cuties Abbie and Jack..It was chaos but we got some lovely happy's a few!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

yeeeee haaaaa!!!

I bought a house today!! After about 3 to 4 months of looking I have finally done it. I willl have enough room to work once I get the "studio" space looking great, and it will!!

It's got a very secure yard for Henry ( 4 year old) to ride his bike, play footie, the trampoline and maybe finally get ourselves a weee puppy, too!! Goodness knows how the cat will react with a new pup?!.

Over the transition which won't be for a few months I will still be working at home here in Mawson. If it all becomes too
difficult to make the studio in the new place look grand before Henry and I move in then my adorable friend Billy from Mercury Telephones said I can move my business back to his spare space in Fyshwick to get over the moving bit...eeek!

...So it will be business as usual but from a different location and I AM EXCITED!!!!!

Lucky it'll all happen in "off wedding season"

love, joy & peace to all!! :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

another previous saturday in Canberra

Haley, an amazing photographer, importer in canberra is also a body builder and a winner at that...I asked her if she wouldn't mind getting me a back stage pass at the recent I went along for what I thought about an hour and ended up almost late for my portraits in the afternoon as I was SOOOO fascinated I stayed for several hours...I have 100's of images and once I go thru them all will post a few here...Here's one just to tempt you!

Saturday afternoon in Canberra

No wedding this last weekend but a gorgeous Christening. Have been Jim and Deidre's photographer since their wedding and have photographed their gorgeous looking children since Deirdre says...I'm their family photographer!