Wednesday, August 27, 2008

a couple of images from the show

Top image is Patto + Chas and bottom image is Geoff + Ben
Each image has added text written by each father, son, garndfather or grandson talking about their relationship, fatherhood and their lives. Most of the words are poignant, touching warm, direct, funny and surprisingly emotional...well that was the effect they had on me when I read them!
Hope you can come along and see the exhibiton, but if you cannot then tune into ABC TV Canberra Stateline on the 5th September for a little look.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fathers, Sons & Fathers- a Photographic Essay

Hi all,
Opening on the 4th September at 6pm at M16 Artspace Fyshwick in Canberra as part of the VIVID Festival of Photography ( ) is my exhibition after a long two years of capturing the images and trying to work out just how I am going to present them...
Have got some lovely images but the best part is the fact that the participants have written some words to compliment their images. I have found the words make the whole project come together so beautifully and if there weren't any, it would just be a series of nice portraits of men and boys...
I am sharing the space with Dan O'Day, photographer and artist, and his exhibition There you Aren't and we would love to see you there. Dan's images are SOOOO different to mine I was worried how it would all look in the space, but we both feel that its going to look great!!

We are excited!!

Its on until 14th and the gallery hours are 12-5 Wednesday to Sunday...

If you cannot make it to the opening then the is a piece on Sateline ABC TV on the 5th September...

When I get organised I shall post a couple of images, but I shall also post some images of the opening too!

yee haa!