Saturday, August 1, 2009

Grace what a sweetie!

Max and Ben have a lovely little 8 week old girl, Grace.

What a sweetie, looks like Ben, sorry Max!

Awards night at the Glassworks

That's me, receiving my Wedding photographer of the Year Award, Open Portfolio Award and Highest Scoring Print Award with Claire from the Glassworks and Geoff Comfort, President of the ACT AIPP councilDavid Paterson won Landscape Photographer of the Year.

Haley Richardson won Portrait Photographer of the Year and Professioanl Photographer of the Year
Geoff Comfort won Commercial Photographer of the Year and Runner-Up Professioanl Photographer of the Year
Dan O'Day won Illustrative Photographer of the Year
and below Scott Leggo won the Emerging Photographer of the Year.

Isn't it amazing the only camera at a professional photography awards night was my party happy snap camera!! Please excuse the quality as this camera is usually used by my son and I think there are some greasey finger prints on the lens.

But it was a great night and the exhibition looks good. The Glassworks is a fab place to have it and if any of you out there want to go and see some great work then I think you've got a week to do so.
Here's a few snaps...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

on a roll tonight!!

Here's one of my darling boy and his fave blankie!


If you want to have an hour or so wandering around the Glassworks in Kingston allow yourself enough time to have a look the the AIPP ACT Division's exhibition opening tomorrow.

Now I am bragging here as the opening also combines the award presentation of which this year I have three:

ACT AIPP Wedding Photographer of the Year 2009 (5th time in 9 years)
ACT AIPP Open Portfolio Award

ACT/NSW AIPP Highest Scoring Print Award.

The highest scoring print is an image that is a very emotional one for me as it is of one of my closest friends who died in January this year. I photographed Billy's journey through his illness since 2005 and he was always an amazingly willing participant in anything I wanted to capture of this journey, at times very difficult. His little dog, Bones, was his ever present companion and died a month after he did, for no apparent reason other than a broken heart. It was and has been a very emotional time but Billy would be soooo proud of me and I know he would have loved this image of his dog.

kylie & ethan

It's amazing how the world works...met Kylie just a few months ago but found out she is married to an old friend....Here she is with her gorgeous boy...a few publicity shots for her amazing business(es) one of which is Cackleberrykids. She has just opened a real life shop in Fyshwick, Canberra after much success of the online one...Go and check it out! Fab clothes for little boys....something close to my heart!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I thought Winter was meant to be quieter!!

Had such a lovely couple of days on Friday and Saturday, heaps of fun. The sort of day when I think " why did it take me 18 years to change to be a photographer from a radiographer?" Lovely weather cute kids and lovely warm people...aaah!