Monday, July 14, 2008

A time of change!

Well, I am sitting at my mother's PC as Henry, my 4 year old and I have just moved out of our home and in transit to our new home hopefully in about a month.... It was really sad leaving what has been Henry's only home since his birth and for me it was the longest I had ever lived in one spot, 9 years!

Our new home is lovely and we will be moving into it at the beginning of August. I want to paint the whole house and polish the floors before we move in.

As for my business I shall be spending some money on a lovely big room at our new place. I have a gorgeous space and will be fabulous once I have "tarted" it up. I am going to document the progress on the blog and no doubt I shall crack a bottle of bubbles when its done. Business will be running as per normal although the landline will be diverted to my mobile until I am fully settled in the new studio want to call then use the mobile please!

So our new home is twice the size but had enough money left over from the old place to buy myself a brand new car, too. Finally, a car that doesnt leave a trail of oil!

It is a time of great change for my little family, its sad but exciting at the same time.

..............and all of this happening at the same time as VIVID, the ACT AIPP 2008 Awards and me still preparing for my upcoming exhibition...yikes!! (and I still havent finished my post from Perth!)

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