Thursday, December 18, 2008

jingle bells, jingle bells.....

Well its that time of year and in about 18 hours I shall have finished work for 2008! Its not that I don't love what I do ( I am almost obsessed with it!) but I am absolutely knackered after an amazingly eventful year. Sold my home, moved twice, built a studio (almost done!), renovating my new home, sold the old car and bought a new one, had my best and busiest year in the business ever, employed some wonderful people, succeeded in the national and local AIPP awards and made sure I spent every Sunday and Monday exclusively with my gorgeous 4 year old son, Henry doing stuff.

I am looking forward to another busy year, with plenty of new stuff'll be very exciting! So have a wonderful, happy safe Christmas and a great New Year! I shall be on leave probably until the end of the first week in 2009, see you then! (if you get lonely and need to talk to me pop it in an email, ta!

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Unique Gowns said...

Hilary - Have a Merry Xmas and a joyful New Year ! I hope next year will bring double workload , wouldn't you love that ? oxoxDana