Saturday, April 11, 2009

state of emergency in pattaya

Well here we are in Pattaya, Thailand and the Thai government has declared a state of emergency here because of the political demonstrations between the red shirts and the yellow shirts. Pattaya has basically been shut down and although Henry and I are a kilomtre or two away there has been loads of helicopters flying overhead taking all the ASEAN leaders away from the postponed ASEAN conference and a curfew has been declared. Lucky for us that we are staying at my brother's place and a little out of the way. Lets hope its resolved quickly and that the airport isnt closed like a couple of weeks ago.


Market Girl said...

Hey Hilary,
look after yourself, stay safe.
We will all be thinking of you, say Hi to your family!
Take care x

Melanie said...

Hmm, just saw this one Hilary, hope you're safe and well, and out of danger! Take care,
Mel B